Philo by M FASHION
An italian hostory

Philo, with its clothing collection it expresses its strength and sensitivity in exhibiting a personal and Creative touch according to today style, reflecting the modern woman’s diverse personalities. Particular care is taken in the choice of fabrics always natural, colours, and prints, all this is carried out in cooperation with the best italian manufacturers so as to personalize and choose the right combination of clothing and fabrics.

The evolution of its range from season to season is the result of continuous updating: quality and innovative designs are the means for our search in the styles and workmanship of our products. This is a strategic sourcing of those manufacturers who still pride themselves on their “made in Italy” craftsmenship so that their product is precious, lasting and timeless.

PHILO all born within the company, by highly specialized personnel, from the design, the development of the model, the creation and packaging to distribution in boutiques throughout the world. Our target reaches all ages, taking into consideration cultural interests and exclusivity, but keeping up with current styles so as to create clothing which is wearable with particular attetion to details.

With over 400 stores and boutiques in the Italian territory and abroad, we invite you to contact the nearest store and boutiques, or to visit us in the showroom dedicated to buyers to see first hand the quality of our fabrics, the design of the proposed models with a view to pure MADE iN ITALY in the production and sale of women’s clothing.